On Inception

Just back from the midnight showing of Christopher Nolan’s Inception.  Fortunately my only pre-show hype was a singular viewing of the trailer a few months back; post-facto I’ve now sifted through what amounts to a whole schlock of fanboy commentary.  Mind-blowing?  Hardly.  It was simply too well constructed to be mind-blowing.  As another reviewer put it, I wanted it to be weirder.  Blame my stoic reception on works like Persona, Inland Empire, Dogville, and (dare I say it) Memento, but I just have trouble swallowing the hype over this film (pre- and post-debut).  That is, the psychological hype.  It certainly held up its promise of thrills.  So here’s my review, simply: Entertaining to boot.  Nothing more, but definitely worth the theater experience.


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