More Arts, Crafts

Had another arts & crafts night at the Nevada Street residence with Shanza and Blauvelt.  Also featuring a disappearing Mr. Byrne.  And, yes, Gillman, I realize I still owe you that CD.  I’ve got a miniature Drakkar Sauna RIBCo poster hung above my desk as a reminder.  Anyway, back to arts & crafts.  While Shanza attempted to bastardize the sanctity of my bandanna with the likeness of one Tigger, I focused on cutting up emo-band magazines to make depressing children’s poetry, a piece which finally earned the title of “scaring kids.”  Here is a cutting edge low-quality image of the poster which, although was on my bed for display, will soon earn a spot on my wall:

Shanza also made me a lovely bracelet.  It already fell apart, though.  So, you know, two points for style, minus several million for good craftsmanship.

And in recent news, I’m about to embark on a roadtrip over to the Washington DC area to visit my friend Mar from Sweden.  She’s not Swedish, she’s Spanish, but lives in America, and I met her in Sweden.  And then up to Canada, or maybe just to Ann Arbor, to spend a weekend with my friend Daniel, who is Canadian, but I met in my hometown and was an integral part of my childhood (i.e. our friendship).  As my current roommate put it, apparently this kind of spur of the moment cross-country driving is rather transcendental.  In any case, the drive will be cathartic.  I’ve got the Don Quixote audiobook queued up and ready to play.  Along the way I also hope to find the world’s biggest ball of twine.  Wish me luck, there will be updates along the way.

Love and peace.


2 Responses to More Arts, Crafts

  1. Washington, D.C.? I’m in Charlottesville, Virginia right now! That’s, like, two hours away! Visit me!

    • Garrett Traylor says:

      Hey man, I tried to text you. I’m already moving on to Ann Arbor in the morning. When will you be back in the Chicagoland area?

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