Let’s Get Meta, Return

Okay, first post of the new school year, senior year, busy year.  I think I managed a half-assed attempt a week or two ago but that was a week or two ago.  Things have happened.  Things are happening.  Things, things, things.  My shoes have worn to dust.  Nearly.  Bandanas keep sweat out of my hair on a day to day basis; it has been hot, uncomfortably hot.  University is in, so why is summer still here?  Cue “hear, hear” echoes in the background.  Er, or am I the only one who looks forward to Fall?  The Swedish turn to Spring took so long I just need to see the other side, but I digress (purposefully, yes, but still).

Classes: Writing Ethnography, Poetry Workshop, Shakespeare, Environmental Biology (sadly, this last is lecture).  Needless to say, I will be reading and writing; they always make me do that in these classes.  Lots and lots, and lots of writing is a good thing, though, a cathartic thing.  Looks like I have a nice chance to get zen on the semester.  Not take it easy, but groove.

Good to see so many familiar faces of the Uni, Urbana area (and visitors, too — can’t forget my buddy Sweet in for the weekend nor Kyle and Kristi who I visited).  Hello to new students, too.  May we have a wonderful year, and ones to come (grad apps also on the plate — Portland, Iowa, Berkley? — oh, and GRE).

Anyway, before the year gets too far underway I wanted to share a recent poem (one of many).  I know this is a rare occasion, for me to be posting my actual poetry, instead of just talking about it, that you, dear readers, get too much meta-assumption, or just pretty pictures, but today you get poetry.  This particular piece was inspired by a friend of mine who taught me this fact.  I’d just bought this winter hat, and, being the hipster I represent, I wore it in irony of the summer season; my friend then warned me how her parents might think I’d loosened more than a few screws, and asked that, for her parents’ sake, I remove the hat.  Cool.  Enjoy:

“Absurdity of Seasons”

they say inability to effectively measure one’s own bodily
temperature is a sure-fire sign of insanity, that something
up there has certainly and perhaps inexorably, fatally
cracked, a case study of the schizophrenic category, well
here i am with a woolen tibetan hat, gunning to assault my sanity
upon the university

yes. i am aware of
the month and of the
the heat and that is
precisely why instead
i wear no pants.

Fin.  And now for some photos collected during these first few back-to-school days:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Listening to: LOTS of fantastic music.  Menomena almost nonstop.  Just bought Mines.


One Response to Let’s Get Meta, Return

  1. kaistevenson says:

    Hey partner. Mosey on over to KGB. There’s business to attend to. Maybe we can get (see: make) some beef and ramen to celebrate getting back on track soon.

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