Buh, stuff.

October 16, 2010

Wow, two weeks gone by already.  And trust me, it’s been a slow drag to this point.  Research, interviewing has been a blast, just exhausting.  Brain’s getting distracted, keeps thinking about bears.  And lasers.  And robots.  Robot laser bears, even.  It’s a keen critical process for my writing, thinking about bears is.  Meditation better done focusing on polar bears, they’re pretty chill.  Mostly think about grizzly bears when I need to get in a feverish homework fit.  Homework gets intense.  Poetry and papers, mostly.  Have one due Tuesday.  Aren’t I exciting?  Reading my days must be like watching paint dry.  Fun fact: I watch paint dry.  A+++ would recommend.


Let the Season Begin!

October 6, 2010

I feel I’ve lingered on vomit for too long.  Really, I’ve been well.  Busy, though, if you (dear readers, what few of you I imagine remain) haven’t noticed by lack of post.  Most prominently pressing in my day to day has been my return to university.  Classes are a-bustling.

Most foremost in my projects is an ethnography on Swedish heritage and concretized migrant culture.  It’s a project in three parts: first a poem to strike at the heart of the matter, second voices to explore the matter, and third a discussion of the whole.  In the project I explore my trip to Sweden and my familial Scandinavian roots, as well as my family’s place within the larger context of the Swedish-American exodus in the late 1800’s.  As I may have discussed, my family joined me in Sweden over the summer to visit Brunnsparken, where my great great grandfather held the position of Master Gardener.  What an experience.  The first, poetic section, is in its final stages of revision.  Perhaps I will share it here at a later time.  I’ve also been busy transcribing photo-elicitation interviews with my family.  In fact, the first weekends of October have been booked for this task alone!

And in coming weeks: visits and visiting friends.  Kyle and I have been resurrecting the KGB Poetry Press (Kyle’s latest, The Thaw, up just a few days ago).  And in Urbana I have been hosting Thursday night Poetry Den with various poets and friends from classes.  It’s a sort of informal workshop / writing session.  If you’re interested in joining, shoot me a line!  We always love new work and new perspective.

Much of my work has shifted to my uncle’s typewriter, the trusty Galaxie Twelve.  Something about the typewriter makes poetry seem so concrete.  I write daily, sometimes lost in words.  Perhaps my anachronistic switch is in part responsible for my lack of posts.  I cannot, after all, access the internet on those old-fashioned keys!

I am ready for Fall!