a discordian haiku sincerely

August 17, 2011

(for proselytizing my friend brianna)

it’s okay to be contradictory / it means
your learning or forgetting is mutual /
with the world’s



August 16, 2011

Poetry is willing /
the world to speak / with softer tongues
at right / angles
to the vernacular /

is being / a shadow’s shade
and a prism’s prison.

Let’s Get Meta, Return

August 31, 2010

Okay, first post of the new school year, senior year, busy year.  I think I managed a half-assed attempt a week or two ago but that was a week or two ago.  Things have happened.  Things are happening.  Things, things, things.  My shoes have worn to dust.  Nearly.  Bandanas keep sweat out of my hair on a day to day basis; it has been hot, uncomfortably hot.  University is in, so why is summer still here?  Cue “hear, hear” echoes in the background.  Er, or am I the only one who looks forward to Fall?  The Swedish turn to Spring took so long I just need to see the other side, but I digress (purposefully, yes, but still).

Classes: Writing Ethnography, Poetry Workshop, Shakespeare, Environmental Biology (sadly, this last is lecture).  Needless to say, I will be reading and writing; they always make me do that in these classes.  Lots and lots, and lots of writing is a good thing, though, a cathartic thing.  Looks like I have a nice chance to get zen on the semester.  Not take it easy, but groove.

Good to see so many familiar faces of the Uni, Urbana area (and visitors, too — can’t forget my buddy Sweet in for the weekend nor Kyle and Kristi who I visited).  Hello to new students, too.  May we have a wonderful year, and ones to come (grad apps also on the plate — Portland, Iowa, Berkley? — oh, and GRE).

Anyway, before the year gets too far underway I wanted to share a recent poem (one of many).  I know this is a rare occasion, for me to be posting my actual poetry, instead of just talking about it, that you, dear readers, get too much meta-assumption, or just pretty pictures, but today you get poetry.  This particular piece was inspired by a friend of mine who taught me this fact.  I’d just bought this winter hat, and, being the hipster I represent, I wore it in irony of the summer season; my friend then warned me how her parents might think I’d loosened more than a few screws, and asked that, for her parents’ sake, I remove the hat.  Cool.  Enjoy:

“Absurdity of Seasons”

they say inability to effectively measure one’s own bodily
temperature is a sure-fire sign of insanity, that something
up there has certainly and perhaps inexorably, fatally
cracked, a case study of the schizophrenic category, well
here i am with a woolen tibetan hat, gunning to assault my sanity
upon the university

yes. i am aware of
the month and of the
the heat and that is
precisely why instead
i wear no pants.

Fin.  And now for some photos collected during these first few back-to-school days:

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Listening to: LOTS of fantastic music.  Menomena almost nonstop.  Just bought Mines.

Little Update

August 19, 2010

Wow, 10 days since my last entry.  Things must have slowed down, and they did.  I’ve been working myself back in to the Urbana jive, returning to the university scene as students move back in, or in for the first time, to the area.  This prelude to academic life is not without study.  I read, write, bike every day.  Work and applications in the mix, too.  I am looking forward to classes.  It’s a busy, no-stress, pleasant interim.  My typewriter and speakers have been my best friends.  I’ve been on few photo excursions.  Welcome back, Illinois.  It’s good to be here.

On Inception

July 16, 2010

Just back from the midnight showing of Christopher Nolan’s Inception.  Fortunately my only pre-show hype was a singular viewing of the trailer a few months back; post-facto I’ve now sifted through what amounts to a whole schlock of fanboy commentary.  Mind-blowing?  Hardly.  It was simply too well constructed to be mind-blowing.  As another reviewer put it, I wanted it to be weirder.  Blame my stoic reception on works like Persona, Inland Empire, Dogville, and (dare I say it) Memento, but I just have trouble swallowing the hype over this film (pre- and post-debut).  That is, the psychological hype.  It certainly held up its promise of thrills.  So here’s my review, simply: Entertaining to boot.  Nothing more, but definitely worth the theater experience.

Some thoughts.

June 25, 2010

Here are a few things I’ve thought since my return:

Why are the streets built for machines here?
Why is there so much water in the bowl?
Why are liquor stores open so late?
Why can’t I buy beer at the library anymore?
What’s with all the corn?
Why can I now hear a Midwestern accent? Do I have this?
Why does Sweden suck so much at Mexican food?
Why can’t I find a sushi place on every corner, instead of a Starbucks?
Why does no one fika?
Why do people have to make and have plans?
Hulu works again, the question is: Why should I care?
Do people really drink that much water at restaurants?
Why can’t the States have a monarchy, too? Celebrities are boring.

Square Eyes.

June 25, 2010

So uh, I’ve spent the last few days in somewhat of a trance.  The combination of jet lag and reverse culture shock?  No.  I’ve been hanging out with my good friend Kyle, and we’ve been doing what we do best: wasting time.  Two days (ish) straight of AoE3 and buying beer at 11 p.m.  Yep, this is America.  Welcome home, me.

On the plus side: the square eyes created a damming of creative juices and when I finally broke away from colonial campaigning, there was a rush of those juices flowing: lots of writing between about 2 and 3 a.m. last night.  And ew, juices flowing.

Here’s a song: