August 16, 2011

Poetry is willing /
the world to speak / with softer tongues
at right / angles
to the vernacular /

is being / a shadow’s shade
and a prism’s prison.


My hobby: (1)

June 25, 2009

Using socially unacceptable words in a dictionary-defitionally correct context.

On the one day I forget a pen:
“Hey mate, can I molest you for something to write with?”
I received neither pen nor pencil.

Alternatively, using dictionary-definitionally incorrect words in homonyminally correct context (in speech you might not notice this, but it rears it’s linguistically entertaining head in text messages).

On asking my brother at what time he would be arriving for a visit & subsequenly receiving his response:
“OK sea yew dewed.”
What exactly is a piece of morning soaked driftwood doing in Oklahoma? Who can say.

On another note: I’ve got a working rough draft of my KGB contribution for this week, but with my brother coming to town and my day riddled with work and classes, we shall see by when I can edit and finally post it. May the stars shine kindly on my schedule and ability to not get utterly and completely distracted.

Update: Ha! I’ve overcome my slack-ethic. Check out the KGB Poetry Press. This week’s theme was “Space – the final frontier. Go where no man has gone before.” To the first half I set my purpose. To the second half I took liberty, focusing instead on where man has already been. My piece is titled “The She-Wolf.” Check it out.