Upcoming Chapbook

January 7, 2011

Hello.  It sure has been a while since I’ve posted on the regular.  This is mostly due to a lack of adventures on my part, though I did manage a nice preview of the Indianapolis Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library on New Year’s Eve Day.  That was pretty nifty.  Poo-tee-weet.

Now, despite a lack of posts, I have remained busy.  Mostly with applications to MFA programs and with contest submissions.  ‘Tis the season to keep busy.  What I’ve really needed, however, was a project.  And so I’m going to print a chapbook.  But I don’t just want to print my poetry.  I want some of yours.  Friends, feel free to e-mail me with poetry, flash fiction or illustration you would like to see in print.  I’ll give it a review and, if I like it, print it.  It’s a vague project right now, but, depending on the feedback, we’ll see what becomes of it.  I may turn into a rogue publisher and vagabond the country selling prints of my own evolving work off a master flash drive.  This may even take place months from now, but the project begins now.  So submit.  I think my e-mail’s on here somewhere.


I wonder if spiders are getting savvy to the parenthetical addresses.  Guess we’ll see if I get an influx of spam.